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​5 Business Ideas to Welcome "Spring Fever"

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When we hear the word "spring" we automatically think of "renewal". Take the opportunity this change in season provides to promote your business. Associating your marketing strategies with upcoming warm-weather events and activities will increase your brand visibility, helping you grow your business while building goodwill with those Spring Fever Sufferers.

  • Create a spring time atmosphere in your institute by stimulating the senses of your clientele.
    • Greet your customers with an iced tea, fresh fruit juice or water infusions.
    • Scent your institute with floral aromatherapy.
    • Program a playlist of spring inspired music.
    • Add spring colors in your institute by arranging flowers around your shelves and your retail displays.
  • Special on scrubs. Rejuvenate after winter and prepare the skin for sunny days with promotions on facial and body scrubs.
    • Offer exclusive discounts on microdermabrasion, peels and chemical peels.
    • Add extra value by including extra exfoliation of the hands or feet during your manicures and pedicures. You may also offer this additional service during the mask application during their facial treatment.
    • Upgrade their hair removal services by incorporating an exfoliating body treatment. A great way for your customers to prevent ingrown hair and ensure radiant soft skin.
  • Celebrate the spring renewal season with a refreshing regenerating facial promotion. Ultra-hydrating, lifting and plumping, this type of facial is extremely beneficial during the spring season. Specialized lifting treatments such as the Lifting Complex Mask or Chrono Repair Flash will offer additional ultra-cooling effects.
  • Organize a "Spring Makeup Trends” coaching seminar and present to your clients customized techniques for a fresh and light makeup application. Take the opportunity to present the new varnish spring color collection and trends along with illustrating the importance of daily maintenance of the skin in order to achieve that flawless makeup application.
  • With only a few months before summer, now is the perfect time to showcase your body products and services. As an example, offer a " 90 day challenge = zero cellulite" package combining a series of body shaping treatments to body wraps. You can also offer exclusive discounts on your body care products.

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